Art is drama turned inside out.  Without art you are left with drama.

Drama comes with life.  It’s up to you to choose how you are going

 to use the drama and turn it right.


Find a reason to keep your smile when drama tries to get you down.

Stand strong when the drama comes along.  Write a new song, create

a new beat to move the feet, turn the drama of life into some sort of art.


Just like they did way back then.  In the beginning they gathered stories

and created a bible and religion;  Shakespeare turned the drama of love

 and hate into plays.


Rappers of today turned the drama of their streets into art and make a

profit.  The media and news sell and made up drama everyday.  The

movies, T. V. and books you read.  There’s no escape, each society talks

about who’s wrong, who’s right, who’s beautiful, weaker or stronger.


All those unable to turn the drama into something positive or creative,

turn to some sort of medication.


You must USE the drama of life.  Don’t let the drama use you.  Keep it

moving, don’t get stuck on stupid!  What’s yours will catch up to you. 

Stay drama free!  Keep your inner peace, stay focused and think logically. 

You are no good to yourself or anyone else when you react emotionally to the

drama.  Seek out the positive opportunities that drama leaves behind.


Drama is in the sky……..coming from the sea.  Drama is lightening striking

tree…. drama is all around you and me.  Wherever you go, you are going  

to bring it or attract it, so deal with it in a creative manner.


Others may offer you some kind of escapism, but there is no escape. 

There is no utopia or paradise; drama is as natural to life as the sunshine.

Drama is at the bottom and at the top of the hill………you’re just going to

have to develop a strong will to build rather than stand still.  Continue to

grow, even when drama tries to put your dreams and goals on hold.  Let

 drama know who’s in control and running the show.

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