I MADE A PACT WITH THE UNIVERSE ~ Sir Shadow Flowetry ~ Pitbull Wisdom

Ingredients of a self made man

I give the universe satisfaction when I go into action and capture its
positive energy, and turn it into art, songs, dance, romance, writing and
much more.

I teamed up with the universe when it came to me looking for someone
that would be disciplined enough to bring its creation into reality.
I said you can count on me just as long as I never have to worry,
and the universe said unto me, NO SOONER THAN I AM ABOUT TO

This is the pact I made with the universe; I agree to act upon any and
all positive inspirations coming through.

I promise to never become lazy when it comes time to deliver another
universe baby. My action gives birth to the universe‟s will.

I understand each time I write or create from the inspiration I feel growing
deep inside, I‟m giving life and a heartbeat to the universe by expanding
its creation.

I‟ve become the tool it uses to come through. I don‟t have to wait for a
special day, I instantly receive my reward knowing I‟m living the right way.
Once I submit to it, it submits to me, to achieve all my goals and dreams.
It‟s as simple as that. And that‟s a fact.

I won‟t let the universe thoughts or inspirations be aborted or die from
loneliness, because of my lack of action. I now march forward in peace
and harmony knowing each step I take, the universe marches along side of


Now no goals or dreams are unreachable as long as I stay true to what I
agreed to do. It does not matter how many times I must rewrite, research,
or redo, for the universe‟s truth and creation to come through.

I don‟t have to lie whenever I arrive because the universe speaks from deep
inside. When all others walk away, I must stay with a confident smile
gleaming on my face; knowing I never have to worry bringing its beauty to
life, because the universe is my guide.