“Empowerment of Oneself”

I no longer look up at the universe
only to feel insignificant and powerless
among so much above and beyond.

Now when I look at the universe I look down.
This makes me the creator. Now the universe
becomes small and insignificant.
With this wisdom I have empowered myself 1000 fold.
Now I am in control of how far I go and how high I grow.

As an added bonus from this position,
when I look down at the universe,
I realize I am heaven.
I earned this state of mind by my action and deeds,
this brings me peace.
Knowing each thing I do in my writing
and with each stroke of my brush
and each creation I’m expanding my universe and brightening my life.
I’m adding color to my stars and music to the air I breathe.

With this wisdom I now realize when I lay down to sleep,
I lay down in peace knowing when
I am laying down looking up
I am really looking down at the universe
from a distant place
through the eyes of this new body of mine.

I’m looking at billions and billions of stars
that I created in my many galaxies.
I am pleased knowing I’m ageless and timeless
as I continue expanding my universe
within each dream I enter on my life journey of the mind.

~ Sir Shadow

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